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stockholm escort adoos stockholm

standard that editors should attempt to follow, though it is best treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions may apply. Sweden porno bästa thaimassagen i stockholm - sex tjejer Chatsidor Sex Chatt Efter år Bästa Thai. M - Free Porn Videos - HD Porno Tube XXX Sex Köpenhamn, eskort Fitta Kuk Knulla Stockholm, fresex jag på grund av premiumpaket thai sex video. Stockholm, presentkort massage stockholm amatör porr svensk Presentkort. Massage, amat rporr, presentkort, massage, svenska, stockholm. Stockholm, bannlysning dem, stockholm, tjejer Sex Pornos gratis presentkort massage stockholm, vuxen finder Swedish anal tube presentkort massage stockholm, spa. An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components of a phrase or a word, usually individual letters, as in nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or BSA (Boy Scouts of America) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux ). Turabian would therefore prefer "DVDs" and "URLs" and "Ph. Här kan du träffa andra singlar, skapa nya kontakter och dejta. The lists of related topics give an indication of the state of Wikipedia, the articles that have been written, and the articles that have yet to be written. The list title should not be misleading and should normally not include abbreviations. In general, we should use the same criteria when deciding what list to include as we use to decide what articles to include in the See also section. For the acronym html tag, see. Dictionaries, however, do not make this distinction because writers in general do not. Economy or expanding the abbreviation to its full form and then making the possessive (for example, "the United States' economy. stockholm escort adoos stockholm

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If users have some general idea of what they are looking for but do not know the specific terminology, they could browse the lists of basic topics and more comprehensive lists of topics, which in turn lead to most. Another term "comnavseacombatsysengsta which stands for "Commander, Naval Sea Systems Combat Engineering Station" is longer but the word "Combat" is not shortened. An alternative method is to thread different points of view into running prose. In some instances, however, an apostrophe may increase clarity: for example, if the final letter of an abbreviation is "S as in "SOS's" (although abbreviations ending with S can also take "-es.g. Modernist architect Raymond Hood, and Lever House after World War II, began the clusters of "glass boxes" that transformed the classic skyline of the 1930s, culminating in the World Trade Center towers (1973). In English and most other languages, such abbreviations historically had limited use, but they became much more common in the 20th century.

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Examples include SIA (pronounced si a a respelling of the French acronym sida ( aids VOA (pronounced vwa a literal reading of the English initialism for Voice of America ; and nasa (pronounced na za borrowed directly from the English acronym. 0 Comments Thaimassage he sexleksaker Caroline Thaimassage blackeberg happy bondage stockholm - Porno drknull. For example, in Chinese, "university" literally "great learning is usually abbreviated simply as great when used with the name of the institute. 35 In English, acronyms pronounced as words may be a 20th-century phenomenon. Although the format of a list might require less detail per topic, Wikipedia policies and procedures apply equally to both a list of similar things as well as to any related article to which an individual thing on the list might be linked.

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Use a sort key to sort alphabetically by topic. Comparing a few examples of each type edit Pronounced as a word, containing only initial letters nato : "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" Scuba : "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus" Laser : "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" GIF : "graphics interchange. In lists that involve living persons, the Biographies of living persons policy applies. Html element  acronym. Examples (keep in mind Hebrew reads right-to-left (for, the United States (for, the Soviet Union (for, Rishon LeZion (for, the school). "Changes to SAT Make Test More Coachable". This was just one of many kinds of conventional scribal abbreviation, used to reduce the time-consuming workload of the scribe and save on valuable writing materials.

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UU., for Estados Unidos United States. For example, the Pokémon media franchise's name originally stood for "pocket monsters" ( po-ke-tto-mon-su-t which is still the long-form of the name in Japanese, and " wpuro " stands for " word processor " ( w-do-pu-ro-se-ss ). Stand-alone list articles edit, main page: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists, see also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists of works, list articles are encyclopedia pages consisting of a lead section followed by a list (which may or may not be divided by headings). 2122: acronyms A number of commentators (as Copperud 1970, Janis 1984, Howard 1984) believe that acronyms can be differentiated from other abbreviations in being pronounceable as words. Ballyhoo, Buckaroo, and Spuds. Japanese edit Main article: Japanese abbreviated and contracted words The Japanese language makes extensive use of abbreviations, but only some of these are acronyms. Lists and their supporting material must be neutral. Alternatively, it omitted the "Communist Party" part altogether, creating "Politburo Standing Committee" and eventually just "Standing Committee". When the items are complete sentences, each one is formatted with sentence case (i.e., the initial letter is capitalized) and a final full stop (period). The latter are fully reducible in an attempt to "spell everything out and avoid all abbreviations but the former are irreducible in that respect; they can be annotated with parenthetical explanations, but they cannot be eliminated from speech. Lowercase is best reserved for: lists introduced by a sentence fragment, with a short list of items, also fragments, continuing the extended sentence; glossary entries, where it is important to convey whether something is usually capitalized or not; lists. Oxford University Press, 2007, isbn "Styleguide". 1, The Acronym, Pure and Impure American Speech (1943) Vol. Some examples of contrived acronyms are USA patriot, CAN spam, captcha and ACT. Many stub articles can be improved by converting unnecessary lists into encyclopedic prose. In5 or one of its variants for one line, and block indent for more than one line (even if misuse of description list markup on talk pages is too ingrained to change at this point). And for centuries, the Church has used the inscription inri over the crucifix, which stands for the Latin Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews. List styles edit See also: Help:List, Wikipedia:Manual of Style Bulleted and numbered lists, and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility Lists There are several ways of presenting lists on Wikipedia. Simple bulleted lists are created by starting a line with * and adding the text of a list item, one item per * line. It is typical (e.g., in university logic texts) to distinguish a number of different kinds and techniques of definition, including dictionary massage i helsingborg massage höllviken or lexical definition, intensional definition, extensional definition, ostensive definition, stipulative definition, operational definition, theoretical definition, persuasive definition, and definition by genus and difference. For details, see Bulleted and numbered lists, above. Nilsen (1995) The English Journal Vol. Such etymologies persist in popular culture but have no factual basis in historical linguistics, and are examples of language-related urban legends. It is pronounced as if it were a word. Some information, such as "Notable people" or "Alumni which may be read for context or scanned for content, may be formatted with a section lead and a descriptive, bulleted list, or as prose, depending on size. Although "PS" stands for the single word " postscript " (or the Latin postscriptum it is often spelled with periods.S. The extension of such contraction to a pervasive or whimsical degree has been mockingly labeled Aküfi (for Abkürzungsfimmel, strange habit of abbreviating).

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